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The Qabalistic Cross Ritual

The Elemental Cross Ritual is several thousand years old. It's the same ritual as the more modern Kabbalistic (or Qabalistic) Cross. It's the same ritual but with different words. In reality, the Qabalistic Cross is just one form of the Elemental Cross which uses Hebrew God Names. In the basic Elemental Cross, the ritualist may use any names for Deity the ritualist desires.

The intention of the Kabbalistic Cross Ritual is to create a spiritual space where negative energies cannot exist and to enhance positive energies for the benefit of the ritualist. The ritual is composed of seven distinct steps:

  1. Preparation

  2. Touch your forehead

  3. Touch your lower abdomen

  4. Touch your right shoulder

  5. Touch your left shoulder

  6. Form a standing cross

  7. Complete the ritual

Those ritualists who want to use the Elemental Cross are encouraged to do so. We suggest all ritualists at least familiarize themselves with the Qabalistic Cross Ritual.


Find a space where you can stretch your hands out to your sides while standing erect. Calm yourself and relax. Center yourself and let the cares of this world fade away. Take a deep breath and exhale completely then breath deeply and slowly. Stay mentally alert and let all your thoughts fade away. Stand erect with your hands at your side.

Touch your forehead

Reach up with your right hand above your head as far as you can reach. Hold your wrist straight and don't bend it. Bring your fingers together and draw a straight line down to your forehead. As you draw this line, imagine or visualize it as a line of white light that extends to infinity above and comes down through the crown of your head to the middle of your head. Rest your fingers momentarily on your forehead, intone: "Ateh" which means "For thine is..." and then continue with the next step.

Some people hold their index and middle fingers together with their thumb, the three digits touching each other. The other two fingers are folded down into the palm of their hand. Others hold their index and middle fingers erect, fold their other two fingers down into the palm of their hand and rest their thumb on those two fingers. Yet others use only their index finger and fold the others into their palms. You decide which fingers you want to use and how.

Intone: "Ateh" which means "for thine is." Intoning may be done aloud, silently or any way in between. It may be done with a wide vibrato, called vibrating, with no vibrato or any way in between. Some people mumble. Others speak distinctly. You decide how you want to intone the names of Deity and the prayer accompanying the Kabbalistic Cross.

Touch your lower abdomen

This point is about half-way between your belly button and pubic line. As you bring your hand to this position draw a line of white light from the middle of your head to the middle of your lower abdomen halfway between your front and back. Imagine or visualize this white line as continuing downward to infinity. You now have a line of white light extending through you to infinity above and below. Rest your fingers here momentarily and intone: "Malkuth" which means "The Kingdom." Some people next point down to infinity and then go to the next step. Others just go to the next step.

Touch your right shoulder

Touch your right shoulder and imagine or visualize a line of white light extending to infinity on your right. Imagine this light going not into your shoulder but straight through your side to your heart. Rest your fingers on your shoulder momentarily and intone: "Ve Geburah" which means "the Power." Then move to the next step.

Some Kabbalists prefer to form a Calvary Cross by having the light forming the crossbar go through their shoulders rather than their heart. These same Kabbalists usually visualize or imagine the whole cross moving forward and backward to infinity when forming the standing cross.

Touch your left shoulder

Touch your left shoulder and visualize or imagine the horizontal line of white light coming straight out from your heart and extending to infinity on your left. Rest your fingers on your left shoulder momentarily and intone: "Ve Gedulah" which means "and the Glory." Then go to the next step.

Form a standing cross

Extend both of your arms out to the side forming a standing cross. Visualize or imagine a line of white light extending from your heart straight ahead to infinity and straight back to infinity thus making a three-dimensional Elemental Cross. Intone: "Le Olam" which means "forever and ever."

Then bring your hands together in the prayer position and intone: "Amen." Then drop your hands to your side.

An Example of the Kabbalistic Cross Ritual

Having prepared myself for doing a spiritual ritual, I stand facing East the direction of the rising Sun. I extend my right hand upward to a position representing Deity Unmanifest and draw the white light down to the middle of my head and upward to infinity while bringing my hand down to my forehead. I intone: "For Thine is..."

I bring my fingers from my forehead to my lower abdomen while bringing the white light from my head through my heart to my sacral plexus and on to infinity below. I intone: "The Kingdom..."

I bring my fingers to my right shoulder while visualizing a line of white light extending from my heart to infinity on my right. I intone: "The Power..." Then I move my hand to my left shoulder while visualizing the white light going from my heart to infinity on my left while I intone: "and the Glory..."

I become the sign of the cross by holding my hands straight out to my sides with my palms facing the Earth while visualizing the white light extending from my heart to infinity both in front of me and behind me, above me and below me, to my left and right. I intone: "Protect me now and forever I pray." Lowering my hands to my side I intone: "So mote it be."

This ends the example of the Kabbalistic Cross Ritual. Use your own words and create your own ritual for your purposes. One of those purposes is to Circulate the Light of the Cross. Another is to form a Sphere of Protection and then Circulate the Light. There are other uses for the Elemental Cross which will be covered later.

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